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Morris BS Cat 1 28th Dec & Hogmanay Show Cat 2

Morris Equestrian Centre
28th December, 2018 - 1st January, 2019

Competition 16 - Mini Six Bar
Sunday, 30th December 2018 at 6.00pm - Main Arena - 4 starters
Special, Table A
The course for this competition comprises six vertical obstacles placed in a straightline with two non-jumping strides between each obstacle. In indoor arenas the first two obstacles may be placed on one straight line and the last four obstacles on a different straight line. The top element of each obstacle must be a pole.
No obstacle may be set at a lower height than the obstacle preceding it.
The competition is judged under Table A not against the clock with a time limit of two minutes.
In the event of a disobedience, the competitor must restart the course at the obstacle where the error occurred, but may make his/her approach at an angle from outside the space between the obstacles and is not required or allowed to take any of the previous obstacles again.
If an obstacle is disturbed as the result of a disobedience, the procedure in Rule 251.4 must be applied, but no time penalty is incurred.
In the event of equality of faults for first place there will be up to four successive jumps-off not against the clock. The first jump-off must be over all six obstacles, but
the course may be reduced progressively for each further jump-off to a minimum of three obstacles by removing in succession first, second and third obstacles.
The Judge at his/her discretion may terminate the competition after the third jump-off. In the event of equality of faults in the final jump-off competitors are placed equal and divide the prize money.
Competitors who withdraw from or retire during a jump-off are placed equal with those who are eliminated in the same jump-off (Rules 203, 204).
For horses with 375 points or less.
Rule: 279
Speed: 325mpm
Height: 90cm

Published On: 30th December, 2018 at 9.53pm

Pos. Horse
Age / Colour / Sex / Sire / Mare / Damsire
Nat. Prize
7 / Chestnut / Gelding / Nelson Z / /
Karina Dunlop
Debra Dunlop


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